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Innovations that Elevate Your Ride

Our designers’ compulsive dedication to engineering and heritage has developed some of the best-built pontoon boat platforms in the industry. Harris pontoons feature patented TTRS (Total Torsional Reduction System) deck construction. Each boat is designed to be a true “integrated system” that creates a strong, lightweight pontoon platform proven to endure years of rigorous use.

  • Advanced Pontoon Construction

    Dolphin Nose Cone Design

    • Exclusive 2-piece Dolphin Nose Cone with integrated splash fin is both elegant & engineered to perform
    • Dolphin Nose Cone design navigates through water with grace & ease
  • Total Torsion Reduction System

    • Full-length M-Brackets* span the length of each tube
      • Unparalleled contact area provides continuous rigidity for floor support
      • Spans the entire length of the deck to avoid twisting & flexing between mounting areas
      • Precise fastening channels secure the deck
  • Watertight Deck Construction

    • Incredibly rigid, secure and watertight deck design
    • 4" to 24" spaced transitioning crossmember structure made of high-quality C- and Z-shaped aluminum extrusions
      • closer spacing towards the rear of the boat at its power source
      • further spacing towards the front to lighten while maintaining maximum rigidity
  • Rubrail Deck Protection

    • 3" deep aluminum rubrail provides superior deck protection
    • Absorbs unintended impacts without damaging the greater deck structure
    • Easily replaced when damaged
    • Wrap-around corner system eliminates the need for end caps while providing a much stronger corner
  • Marine-Grade Wiring

    • Wiring is protected from abrasions and designed to withstand a marine environment. Plastic grommets and conduit protect wiring from contact with aluminum.
    • Deutsch® connectors provide a water-resistant and secure connection.